What to Expect in a Lawyer-Client Relationship

12 Jun

What to Expect in a Lawyer-Client Relationship

Whenever you and your lawyer start dealing with each other, expectations are made. In every lawyer-client relationship, there are ground rules and boundaries which need to be respected. These rules help manage the expectations of each party and how to develop their relationship further. If you’re looking for a personal injury attorney in Phoenix, here are some things you can expect.


Privileged and Confidential Information


It is basic under any law that any communication you make to your lawyer shall be privileged. This means that your lawyer can’t be compelled to disclose any information they received in the course of your relationship. Should lawyers violate this principle, they become liable to you personally. The importance of having privileged communication is it encourages clients to disclose their matters comfortably, without any judgments. Being able to reveal all necessary information increases the likelihood of the lawyer to develop potential arguments.


Appropriate Professional Conduct


During your relationship, you can expect that your lawyer will act with professionalism and ethically. Although there are some instances when lawyers and clients become friends, which is natural, it’s often discouraged that they pursue their attorney and client relationship because of the emotional nature of the character. It’s best that lawyers and clients remain professional in their conduct so that it doesn’t breed any untoward feelings or behaviors.


Genuine, Honest, and Dignified Means


Make sure that throughout your relationship, your lawyer is honest with all your dealings. You want to make sure that he’s transparent with the information he receives and that he updates you of the same. You also want to make sure that whatever you receive from him is accurate, and that he didn’t device any plot to deceive you. Establishing trust is fundamental in any relationship, which is why you need to be comfortable with your lawyer.


Serves Your Best Interest


Although there are some instances when you and your client may disagree on some things, believe that lawyers are always serving your best interest. Whether it’s a fact disagreeable to you, consider that your lawyer made sure that it will provide the best outcome for your case. Maintain good communication with your lawyer, so they understand your hesitations.


Lawyer and client relationships possess the fundamental characteristics of trust and honesty. It is vital in any relationship and needs to be cared for during the entire process.