Lawyers For Lost Causes?

8 Dec

Lawyers For Lost Causes?

Sometimes the situation of extreme mistreatment to which the animals are subjected can overwhelm us. But, undoubtedly, some professionals dignify the law and fight for causes that often seem lost in advance.

We have several animal defense centers, such as Animals, which “was born with the aim of exercising a legal practice from the perspective of animals that helps normalize the defense of their interests in their relations with individuals and companies, in the operation of the public administrations and before the Judges and Courts.” Animals is a law firm specializing in animal law located in Euskadi and founded by Maria Gonzalez.

In the Legal Center for the Defense of Animals, a non-profit association formed by several lawyers, perform, among other services, legal advice to organizations and protectors for only 9 euros per month. It is directed by the prestigious animal rights lawyer, Daniel Dorado, who also takes the case of legal offensive and police repression against the animal rights activists of two Spanish organizations: the now-defunct Equanimal and Animal Equality.

One of the most important examples of a legal void in our country is the eight sanctuaries of animals operating in Spain that do not have recognition as a legal entity. The animal lawyer Laia Garcia Aliaga works to achieve that specific identification of “sanctuary” is granted to all these centers. This way they will be able to obtain legal security in administrative and fiscal subjects, and they will be an institution recognized and valued in the USA State. We can not settle for less when these shelters are the only place that oppressed animals have to live in freedom.

Another recognized lawyer in defense of animals in Iberia is Anna Mulá, one of the brilliant minds capable of putting in check the bullfighting pettiness, since she was one of the promoters of the victory in Catalonia of Pro! , legendary Platform that achieved the abolition of the bullfights in the most advanced part of our country.

And increasingly more offices such as Logan, in USA, realize the importance of animals within our society and incorporate the specialty of animal law within their services.

Undoubtedly, our Brand Spain is stained with blood. We’ve already been featured in The Economist newspaper with that photo of the silhouette of a bull and the “s” falling from the word “pain,” pain in English. There are so many cases of crimes against animals that there are no courts capable of taking on so much human misery. We have to learn to respect the rights of others as a path to peace, and this, inevitably, passes through all animals.

Defending animals on all fronts are necessary and having legality on our part is essential. There are not a few times that, in the history of humanity, civil disobedience has ridiculed the most obsolete legitimacy. But laws are necessary and can be changed if we make it possible.