Publications and Speaking Engagements

C. Leslie Banas

Speaking Engagements

        "Negotiating the Shopping Center Lease: Economic Opportunities and Hidden Costs", Institute of Continuing Legal Education Program (December, 2016)                 

“Nothing But Net: Representing the Purchaser in Acquiring NNN-Leased Retail Properties,” ICSC Michigan Continuing Education Program (January, 2014).

“Finishing the Jigsaw Puzzle—Creative Development and Infill and Difficult Parcels,” SBM Real Property Law Section Summer Conference (July, 2013).

“Loan and Lease Provisions that Financially Impact the Commercial Property Owner,” Institute for Continuing Legal Education Program (December, 2010).

“Developing a Medical Office Building On Or Off a Medical Campus: A Prescription for Success,” SBM Real Property Law Section Homeward Bound Program (November, 2009).

“Recapturing the Anchor Tenant Space That’s Gone Dark,” SBM Real Property Law Section Winter Conference (March, 2009).

“Built to Suit: Five Ways Real Estate LLCs Differ from other LLCs,” ICLE LLC and Business Entity Update (February, 2008).

“Caveat Owner: Hot topics in Real Estate Case Law for Property Owners,” MACPA Construction Industry Conference (October, 2007).

“Workspaces for the Work Force,” SBM Business Law Section Annual Conference (June, 2007).

“Shopping Center LLCs and Joint Ventures: Negotiating the Organizational Issues,” NAIOP Michigan Program (June, 2007).

“Negotiating Essential Provisions of LLC Operating Agreements,” SBM Real Property Law Section Homeward Bound Program (April, 2004).

“Nothing Lasts Forever: The Breakdown of the LLC, Including Litigation Issues,” ICLE LLC and Business Entity Update (January, 2003).


“Landowner Misunderstands Wetland Review Scope, Can’t Cash In,” SBM Real Property Law Section Newsletter (April, 2012).

Editor, LLC and Partnership Sections, Michigan Business Laws Annotated 2009-2010 (Thomson Reuters).

“Leasing Space – A “Capital” Idea?” SBM Real Property Law Section Newsletter (December, 2009).

“'Rightsizing' Your Real Estate Footprint – Minimizing Property Costs During an Economic Downturn,” Transportation Club of Detroit Newsletter (April, 2009).

“Caveat Member: Courts Begin to Pierce the Entity Veil, Imposing Personal Liability on LLC Members” Michigan Real Property Review (Spring, 2002).

“HUD and Fannie Mae Requirements for Borrower Entities,” Michigan Real Property Review (Winter, 2000).

“Public Act 52: A Comprehensive Amendment of the Michigan Limited Liability Act,” Michigan Real Property Review (Fall, 1997).

Jessica Hallmark

Speaking Engagements

    "The State of the Law" - SBM Real Property Law Section Summer Conference (July, 2017)

      "Vertical Mixed Use - Avoiding User Conflicts That Can Turn Urban Ideal Into Nightmare On Main Street,"ICSC Michigan Continuing Education Program (February, 2016)


“Cross-Collateralization Clauses and Junior Mortgage Foreclosure,” SBM Real Property law Section Newsletter (June, 2014).

“Material Changes to the Rights of Condominium Co-Owners,” SBM Real Property Law Section Newsletter (November, 2012).

Laura J. Eisele


Co-author, "Forged 'Facsimile' Signatures: Allocating Loss Under Articles 3 and 4 of the Uniform Commercial Code," Michigan Business Law Journal, April 1998, p. 7, Vol. 19, Issue 1.

Co-author, "Franchisor Beware: Using the Bankruptcy Forum to Resolve Disputes With Franchisors," Michigan Business Law Journal, March 1995, p. 14. Vol. 16, Issue 4.

Co-author, "Assignments of Rents in Bankruptcy Under Michigan Law," Michigan Real Property Review, Winter 1992, Vol. 19, No. 4, p. 157

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